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Medical Aid

Access to quality medical treatment should be a basic human right. Help us provide medical aid to those in need.

Education Support

Help us provide education support to underprivileged children and youth for a better future.

Clean Water

Access to clean water is a fundamental right. Help us provide safe water to communities in need.

Disaster Relief

Help us provide emergency relief and support to those affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Our Story

Serving the Community with Compassion

Khidmat Foundation Nepal is a non-profit social organization. Since 2016, we've been focused on humanitarian assistance, community development, and conservation of natural resources, with a particular focus on historically marginalized communities in the Terai region. Our programs aim to create awareness, strengthen leadership capacity, and promote socio-economic development and employment.

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    At Khidmat Foundation Nepal, we aim to empower marginalized communities and promote socio-economic development through various multidisciplinary programs and projects. We work in partnership with donor agencies, local governments, NGOs, and INGOs to create awareness, provide skillful training, and strengthen the leadership capacity of disadvantaged groups. Our approach also involves preserving natural resources, protecting the environment, and responding to natural calamities to provide rehabilitation shelter and support for those in need.

Our Vision

To bring up the existing position of the backward people for the socio-economic as well as cultural development and their representation indecision making Level.

Empowering Communities

KFN works to empower marginalized communities, particularly Dalits, Muslims, indigenous groups, and other underprivileged groups, enhancing their inclusive participation from local to national level.

Humanitarian Support

KFN provides emergency relief and long-term support to conflict and disaster survivors, including shelter, food, water, and healthcare. KFN aims to reach every person in need, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Sustainable Development

Creation of employment and preservation of natural environment. Description: KFN implements projects and programs that focus on sustainable development, creating employment opportunities for people living in poverty, while also preserving the natural environment. KFN works towards building a sustainable future for communities in need.

KFN's Activities

KFN has been actively involved in conducting awareness and rights-based programs, providing skill development training, implementing drinking water projects, distributing food and winter clothes, organizing charity and donation programs, distributing Eid clothes and Qurban meat, providing scholarships to orphan and needy students, and distributing sewing machines to promote self-employment.

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